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 This Dvd is filmed at an actual clinic that took place in California. It is set out in chapers and includes the 'Dangerous Ground' method plus a special step-by-step method of starting the working dog.

The chapters are:

  1. 1.Good Flanks
  2.  2.Opening Flanks
  3. 3.The Triangle
  4. 4.Beginning the Drive
  5. 5.Outruns
  6. 6. Bend Outs
  7. 7.Pull Ins
  8. 8. Whistling
  9. 9.Shedding
  10. 10 International Shed
  11. 11. Look Backs













A Hill Shepherd Trains His Border Collies. Watch Derek demonstrate his techniques for training Killiebrae Sheepdogs. He shares his techniques for training a dog to flank, lie down, outrun, drive, shed and look back which are all skills that a dog needs to work effectively on the rugged hills of Lonscale Farm, Derek's home. Derek also demonstrates how these skills are used every day in the work situations on the fell.
Approximately 80 minutes in length. Available on DVD.












The Shepherd's Pup. In this extensive and detailed video, Derek Scrimgeour takes the viewer through 7 key stages of training a sheepdog. Beginning with what to look for when choosing a pup from a litter, he covers the key steps of selecting and rearing the pup, basic early learning and groundwork, gaining confidence, introducing commands, and extending the pups experience. Approximately 175 minutes in length. Available on DVD.












Talking Sheepdogs by Derek Scrimgeour. Review by Ian Caldicott.
Talking Sheepdogs is different, one could say (to borrow a comment from Roy Goutte on the back cover) "revolutionary." The book is extremely well written and clear with the best diagrams I have ever seen. Reading it is entertaining, enlightening and thought provoking all at once. The first time through I recommend reading it like you would a good novel, in a comfy chair with a drink in one hand and time to read the whole thing. Then you will want to go back and read sections of it over and over.


If nothing else I think every serious sheepdog trainer will want to at least try some of the techniques and philosophy the book offers, for some I think it could change their entire outlook on training dogs. While I am not sure the approach will necessarily work for all dogs, particularly dogs without the intense herding drive and desire to please seen in today's Border Collies, the basic philosophy will at the very least impact the way you interpret your dogs actions.

I have dabbled a bit with some of the techniques and at this early stage have seen enough to take a couple of months and go back to basics with a couple of my dogs and try the entire methodolody. I don't know if it will completely change the way I train but I do know it will have an impact. For the first time I now have an answer to the question "what book do you recommend?" I will say "Talking Sheepdogs by Derek Scrimgeour."