Killiebrae Sheepdogs

Jack 293140

Jack is a son of Killiebrae Laddie, he started out being bought as a pup at a dog sale and was a pet for the first year of his life.

Jack is very easy to handle, he listens and responds at 800 yards as well as he does at 100 yards

He is very reminicant of Sweep ( Great Grandsire)

He has huge sheep sense and works on his feet with natural turns and pace with exceptional responses.

I think that this dog is the most correct dog I have owned.

This year he won the 2010 Westmoorland Nursery Championships.

Jack won the 2011Westmoorland Novice Championship

Jack is a big strong and athletic dog with a sound temperament. He is clear of any eye problems and he has a very good hip score of 6.

Jack is now over in America, hopefully he will  have a great trialling future.