Killiebrae Sheepdogs

At Killiebrae Kennels our main aim is to produce sensible, trainable, healthy and good natured dogs that will be fit for purpose.

It is more important to us to breed dogs that are capable of a hard days work, on the fell, on the roads and in the pens than to breed a dog that will only perform on the trial field. The idea is to breed dogs that are capable of working and competing to a high level, of course they aren't all trial dogs but in theory they should be able to do both to a good standard. 

We do also let puppies go to active homes where they will be taking part in canine sports such as Agility / Obedience and Search and Rescue.

Conformation is important but it is not the most important thing, we don't breed for colour or coat length. Some of our lines breed small and compact Border Collies, some breed Large and athletic types and others take longer and need more time to train but end up being quality dogs. 

We have a special unit where the expecting Bitches are housed, it is a warm sandstone building with individual kennels and each one has a fresh bed of straw and a heat lamp above.  We are quite strict about who can enter the building as it is important for it to be a calm and clean environment where the Bitches feel safe and relaxed. There is always a radio on so the pups are used to different noises and it seems to have a calming effect on them! 

Rachel is in charge of the puppies, she has a bucket of Disinfectant at the door and feet must be dipped before entering the building. Anyone that goes in must dip their feet, this is to mimimuse the risk of infections and any bugs.  Each kennel is also disinfected / pressure washed after use and the bowls and bed are also disinfected.

When visiting the puppies please don't be alarmed if we advise not to handle the puppies, obviously if they are 4 weeks plus than this is not an issue but when they are very young and their eyes are still closed we prefer to handle them as some of the bitches are new mothers and can be upset by the smell of strange people on their pups! 

The bitches are all fed on CSJ Champ up until 3 weeks before their due date, we then change to CSJ Little champ and a week before they pup we add Brewers Yeast and minced meat/offal mix. 

The puppies usually start on solid food at around 2.5/3 weeks of age, they are fed on CSJ Little Champ that has been soaked in hot water, this is then liquidised and they are fed two or 3 times a day depending on how much they like to eat. When they are eating well we feed them warm soaked food with Brewers yeast( Great for healthy tummies ) / Minced meat and offal mix and Bonemeal ( to support growing bones and muscles).  When the pup is ready to leave it will be on two soaked meals a day and a small mid afternoon meal of dry CSJ Little Champ.  We leave the moether with them until 8 weeks of age, this means that they are exposed to more discipline from her! 


Each puppy will be ready to leave at 8 weeks of age, there is no chance of getting one any younger as we disagree with that.

If travelling abroad they have to wait until 15 weeks of age. They will have their first vaccination at 8 weeks followed by a second at 12 weeks and then they will aslo have the Rabies injectoin. There is then a 21 day wait before they can leave the UK.  Some countries like the US are a little different in vaccinations/ travelling ages.

They will be : 

ISDS registered ( We may or may not have the ISDS card at time of sale as all pups in a litter  must be registered in one folder )


Wormed to date - With Panacure liquid

Insured with Petplan for 4 weeks starting on the collection date - This is only an option in the UK.