Killiebrae Sheepdogs

Some Successful Killiebrae Dogs!

006--At Avantis.jpg

Killiebrae Spot is with J.Pluta in the Netherlands. He has done very well in trials and has competed in the World Trial. He is a son of Zac and Killiebrae Minnie.

Killiebrae Laddie 2014 Irish Nursery Champ.jpg

Killiebrae Laddie and James Mcloskey won the Irish Nursery Championship 2014. Laddie is a son of Mirk 00/302408.

Killiebrae Beta agility NZ.jpg

Killiebrae Beta lives in New Zealand with her owner Deb Jackson. She has been very successful in agility , winning many prizes.

Leena Killiebrae spot.jpg

Leena Jussila and Killiebrae Spot were the 2013 Finnish National Champions. This means that they also competed in the 2015 Continental Championship and the Nordic Sheepdog Championships. Killiebrae Spot is a son of Killiebrae Laddie.

Killiebrae Lucky 2012 USA reserve champ.jpg

This is Killiebrae Lucky, He was the USA Reserve Nursery Champion in 2012.He is a son of Sue who was a daughter of Killiebrae Laddie.

Ben Gson Ben CaniX.jpg

Ben is a grandson of Ben. He competes in CaniX  with his owner Catherine. He has won Gold , Silver and Bronze. He recenty beat the UK Champion!


Killiebrae Elbi is with Lorraine Bennett doing obedience work, so far she has won  3 Novices & 3 'A's in Obedience.

Sire: Killiebrae Laddie

Dam: Tess 273013

guillaume jip - grand son of ben.jpg

Killiebrae Jip is a Grandson of Ben owned by Guilaume Josien. Jip came 1st in the French Championships! This means  that he is qualified for the European and World trial 2011.

Dam: Killiebrae Sally

Sire : Bob

Killiebrae kirby.JPG

Killiebrae Kirby is also owned by Gulliaume Diquelou. Last year ran in the French Nursery and this year he is one of the reserves in the French Team who are competing in the European Championship.

Kirby is the 2011 French Cattle Reserve Champion!

Dam: Soo

Sire: Cap 266571


088 - Copie.JPG

Killiebrae Bill is now in Norway. In 2009 he won the French Nursery Championships.

Dam: Jess 261435

Sire: Killiebrae Laddie 262753


Soo was owned by Derek she now lives in Iceland. She ran in the English National 2007. She has bred some good pups e.g. Killiebrae Kirby.

Sire: Ben 220939


Killiebrae Jake is also owned by John Pluta and like Joe is a accomplished trial dog. Here are some of his results:

1st Warmel Open 2008~ 1st Mavrik Open 2008~3rd Dutch Open 2008~ 2nd Dutch Open 2009~ he competed in the world trial 2008.

Jake is the 2nd reserve dog for the Dutch team in the 2010 continental championships.

Dam: Killiebrae Gina 250781

Sire: Joe 238340 ( son of Sweep 198150 )


Killiebrae Joe is owned by John Pluta. He has been a successful trial dog so far, here are some of his results:

2nd in the Dutch Open 2008 ~ 1st in the Dutch Open 2009 ~ he got in the semi finals of the world trial 2008 ~ 4th in the Dutch Nationals 2009

 Joe is running for the dutch team in the 2010 continental in August

Dam: Killiebrae Kim 246396

Sire: Jim 248214


Killiebrae Gyp is owned by Kevin Stead and works as a search and rescue dog. He is also a grandson of Ben. Gyp is a good worker, he located a drowned person that was trapped under a meter of flood debris.

Dam: Killiebrae Jazz

Sire: Jim 248214


Killiebrae Jock is another Ben grandson who is owned by John Harkin. Jock is a very nice young dog, he competed in his first Irish National last year and came 3rd in the 2010 Irish National.

Dam: Kim 257815

Sire: Bob 271888

Manouk and ben.jpg

To the left is Manouk owned by Agnes Campan, he is a Grandson of Ben.

To the right is Ben owned by Sergio de Sousa and he is a son of Ben.

 Both these dogs competed at crufts 2009/2010, Ben representing Portugal and Manouk France.