Killiebrae Sheepdogs

Killiebrae Sheepdog Training

Do you have a dog that needs training?


We are now taking in dogs to train, they can be work dogs / complete beginners or experienced dogs that need the finishing touches. 

There is no age limit on the dogs although 11/14 months is the best age to start with basics. Trained dogs can come in at any age for polishing up.

We have several locations we use to train and as the dog develops we move to a more challenging field to give it new experiences and a chance to train on different types of sheep.

 It all depends on the dog, if it is ready to move on then we will do this. If it is not then we can continue basic training.We can keep the dog for as long as you decide.

Initially we take the dog for 1 month with payment up front. We keep you updated with the progress and if the dog is not improving we will let you know and not waste your money.


 We do have a waiting list so please get in touch if you would like to book your dog in .