Killiebrae Sheepdogs

Although this page is titled "Breeding Bitches" please be aware that we do not keep bitches for the sole purpose of breeding. We try to give our dogs the best quality of life, they are fed well, well cared for and trained / excercised on a regular basis.

The bitches we have are all here for a reason, they all have good bloodlines,nice qualities and have the potential to breed healthy pups that are fit for purpose.


Here are a few facts:

We often buy young bitches that are ready to train or are part trained and need finishing off. They must have some quality about them and have good bloodlines. Some are trained right the way through and others are brought on and then sold to a suitable home. 



Most of these Bitches come from our own lines and have been bred on our farm however we do also buy talented Bitches from different lines that we have some history on to add new blood and widen the gene pool! 



The Bitches we use to breed with are all eye tested, some of them are DNA tested for CEA  / TNS tested and Hip Scored. Many are DNA normal by parentage. You can find out more details are on their individual pages.


 We only breed from dogs with sound temperaments and good sheep skills. We would never breed with a dog that was aggressive or had obvious health issues, even if they were very talented. Looks is not an issue to us either, they must have a nice confirmation but coat colour / length and size of the dog is not so important...the most importand thing is what is in their heads! 


All Killiebrae dogs are sold in good faith, if any genetic problems arise we will always look to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.


Killiebrae puppies are ISDS registered,Microchipped and Insured if sold to the UK.  Once the puppy is registered with the ISDS it is also possible to Kennel Club register. We are happy to offer advice throughout the dogs life and we love to get feedback on dogs we have bred.