Killiebrae Sheepdogs


We have several quality youngsters here at the moment, these are the ones we have decided to keep and train on. The majority of them are sired by Finn. He is leaving a huge impact on our kennels, early starters with good natures and lots of natural ability. He is crossing well with our Laddie and Mirk lines.

 Some of them may be for sale during or after their training so if you have any questions please get in touch. We also plan to breed with most of these Bitches ( when they are old enough) , They all have the quality and potential to breed good pups.




 Killiebrae Roy - Malta Mist X Finn


Killiebrae Betty - Biddy X Finn 

 Killiebrae Boss - Biddy X Finn 

 Killiebrae Jinx - Killiebrae Pip X Finn 

 Killiebrae Imp - Braehead Pixie X Finn 

 Upland Mel - Gem X Storm ( Litter brother to J.McGee's Sid)

Killiebrae Foss - Killiebrae Teal X Glen 

Flo - Killiebrae Lyn X Killiebrae Taff

Killiebrae Lassie - Fellside Peg X Killiebrae Laddie 

 Killiebrae Jinny - Killiebrae Pip X Finn