Killiebrae Sheepdogs

 All spaces for the trial are now booked but spectators are welcome! 

New Handler Sheepdog Trail
Saturday 10th December
Location: Raise Lodge, Wigton 
Pre Entry - Tel 01697342596 
Entry Fee - £5 per dog 

Everyone is welcome as long as your dog is under good control, there will be someone on standbye to help out if needed. 
Once the dog has been sent the handler can leave the post and walk round the course with the dog if needed.
Each Handler can only run 1 dog.
The handler must not have won any prize other than a New Handler Prize. 
The course will be nice and simple with a pen at the end.





Killiebrae Ben and Killiebrae Mac .

These two handsome dogs have a great profession...they are Search and Rescue dogs.

Ben has been doing this for several years now and has proved himself to be a great search and Rescue dog. He is a posotive role model for the young Mac! 

Mac is only starting out and so far he has a lot of potential, he is a son of Finn and Killiebrae Briar, he certaily looks like his mother!