Killiebrae Sheepdogs

We have 5 lovely puppies born today ( 24/05/17) from Flair and coming soon! 


Latest matings!

Lad 00/332195 X Flair 00/329749

 Lad ( Red X White X Tan  Smooth coat ) - IGS/TNS clear / Hip score of 9 / CEA Carrier . Very good quality dog who has bred a promising litter. 

Flair ( BxW Medium coated)  - CEA clear. Daughter of our Mirk and J.Emerson's Fran. Her sister was sold for £5000.

This should be a nice combination as there is lots of nice qualities in each dog that should compliment eachother.  Both parents have lovely natures and are keen to please and learn. 


 Finn X Jan 


Black and White, Smooth coated - DNA clear for IGS / TNS and CEA.  Eye tested.

Breeding really well, good dogs and bitches with quality , style and brains. They are very trainable from a young age

Jan - Awaiting test results but is DNA normal by Parentage.

Jan is a quality, BxW smooth coated Bitch. She is a half sister to Derek's Lyn.  Her sire is J.McCloskey's Sweep who is a son of Killiebrae Laddie. Very nice and stylish Bitch who has a bright future. 


Killiebrae Foss X Finn 

 Health tests- DNA normal by parentage / Eye tested.

Foss is a top quality young bitch, Natural room, strong power and an old head on young shoulders.

She is a daughter of Killiebrae Teal who is a daughter of Killiebrae Laddie and "old" Fleece. 

Her Sire is a quality dog who has been sussesful at Trials, he is now in Norway.

we have high hopes for her and this should be an exciting litter.  


Killiebrae Taff X Fellside Peg 

Health Tests - DNA normal by parentage / TNS free and eye tested.  Taff is DNA normal and eye tested.

Fellside Peg is a nice type of Bitch and is a daughter of our Mirk. She is from a very good line of breeders and she has bred some quality pups herself. 

Taff is a top quality dog, he is a power house and a work horse. Very capable dog at trials and every day farm work. He has a fantatsic nature and has bred a litter of exciting youngsters.  He is a son of Killiebrae Laddie and "old" Fleece so has all our bloodlines in him. 

Peg's last litter were to Killiebrae Laddie, they have turned out to be lovely dogs with a lot of potential. This cross should be the next best thing! 




 "Team Newton Rigg" 

We started doing a Pilot course in dog training at Newton Rigg College in Penrith.  This week we were joined by the film crew and Adam Henson from Countryfile. 

The course is supported by the ISDS and so far it looks very promising. The aim is to teach the next generation the techniques needed to train their dogs to be valuable farm helpers and potentially start trialling !  

It is going well and it is great to see the improvemnet in the pupil's dogs. We also take a couple of dogs along with us so the students that don't have dogs can have a go and learn how to control and train a dog.  Don't forget to tune in and see what is going on!








Old girl Fleece is still going strong, she is 12 years old now but you would think she is 9.  She is leading a very active life with daily training, fell walks and runs and competes every weekend in the New Handler trials.



Killiebrae Ben and Killiebrae Mac .

These two handsome dogs have a great profession...they are Search and Rescue dogs.

Ben has been doing this for several years now and has proved himself to be a great search and Rescue dog. He is a posotive role model for the young Mac! 

Mac is only starting out and so far he has a lot of potential, he is a son of Finn and Killiebrae Briar, he certaily looks like his mother!