Killiebrae Sheepdogs

Training course - Thursday 9th / Friday 10th March 

Mixed ability clinic, beginners are very welcome. 

Start time 9am / 4.30 pm 

You must provide your own lunch but tea and coffee are provided. 





Ben 00/321872 
Born: 20/04/2012 
Dam: Sue 297350 - S.T.Birkett - DNA Normal
Sire: International Supreme Champion Brave Cap 270159 - M.Gallagher - DNA Normal
Ben is a good quality,well bred dog. He has a good, kind nature with people and other dogs
Ben has good outruns both ways, a nice follow and can drive them away. He is not scared of sheep and is a good work dog, he will sit on the bike/ jump in the back of a car and has a look back and shed. He has been well trained and is on voice and whistle commands. He is ready to take into work right away.




Buzz 00/330106
Born: 29/11/2013
Dam: Cloverhill Meg 00/302314
Sire: Scrimgeour’s Mirk 00/302408 

Buzz is a very good quality 3 year old dog, he is well trained and will make an excellent work dog or trial dog. Very nice pace when behind sheep and a good outrun both ways. He will run out a good distance, the biggest being 400yards.
Buzz is a honest dog that likes to learn and tries hard to please you, he has recently been used for work so has some idea ,moving fat lambs / at tupping time and in the pens. He is on voice and whistle commands and is easy to control. He will jump in any vehicle, ride on bike and also run alongside. Easy dog to have around and gets on well with everyone and everything. Very genuine and honest dog for someone. Unfortunately he has been castrated so not suitable for breeding, this is the only reason he is for sale. Video to come.














Old girl Fleece is still going strong, she is 12 years old now but you would think she is 9.  She is leading a very active life with daily training, fell walks and runs and competes every weekend in the New Handler trials.



Killiebrae Ben and Killiebrae Mac .

These two handsome dogs have a great profession...they are Search and Rescue dogs.

Ben has been doing this for several years now and has proved himself to be a great search and Rescue dog. He is a posotive role model for the young Mac! 

Mac is only starting out and so far he has a lot of potential, he is a son of Finn and Killiebrae Briar, he certaily looks like his mother!